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Aluminum Vertical Wood Fence Panels – Premium


This kit will provide you with a 6′ wide by 6′ high Vertical Wood Fence Panel. Please see details below for materials included. Add an Aluminum wood gate to your order.

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The following is included in each Aluminum Vertical Wood Fence Panel:

  • 1pc 10′ Aluminium 3×3″ post

  • 1pc Post cap

  • 2pc Aluminum horizontal channels 

  • *Wood boards available upon request*

  • *Aluminum top/bottom rail available upon request*






Exploring the Key Advantages of Aluminum Vertical Wood Fence Panels – Click here to see more pictures in our gallery!

What Are Aluminum Vertical Wood Fence Panels?

Aluminum Vertical Wood panels are one of the most popular materials for fences throughout Canada, and for good reason! Despite entailing maintenance requirements, wood provides a stylish and timeless look that no other material can hope to match. Moreover, when coupled with aluminium frames, the panels are given additional sturdiness as well as a modern design. 

This article will highlight the main benefits associated with wood fence panels, while also providing relevant information concerning their average costs.

The Benefits of Aluminum Vertical Wood Fence Panels

  • Stylish and timeless design

Many people choose aluminum wood fencing due to the plethora of available styles. Some of the most popular design styles include, but are not limited to board on board, pickets, spaced boards, as well as vertical panels. Customers are also free to choose the type of wood to be used, so design remains highly customizable. Regardless of which type of style and wood is chosen, a wooden fence retains a timeless look over the long-term, as long as its maintenance needs are fulfilled. 

Those in the market for aluminum vertical wood fence panels will quickly note that wood fencing blends with any and all settings, regardless of whether you’re planning to install fencing around a personal home, business property, or agricultural land. 

  • Staining provides extra benefits

Aluminum vertical wood fence panels are also customizable after being installed. Through the process of staining, the fence’s appearance can be changed completely. It’s important to keep in mind that staining doesn’t only provide design benefits. In fact, it helps deter color fading caused by UV exposure, while minimizing splitting and rotting. Staining may even make the wood more resistant to wood-attracted insects like termites. 

  • Cheaper than most fencing options

If you’re looking to fence your property on a budget, vertical wood panels are much cheaper than other fencing alternatives like iron or aluminium. Of course, the actual price will depend on the type of wood that’s being used, as luxury options entail higher costs. A 6 feet premium wood fence panel featuring an aluminium frame costs $189.59 at Wood Fence Toronto, one of the country’s leading wood fence manufacturers. 

Maintenance is also fairly cheap for wood fence panels, given that property owners can easily clean up wooden fences via water and a scrubbing brush. Staining is optional, but it doesn’t cost much. 

Wrapping It Up

Based on these aspects, vertical wood fence panels are perfectly suitable for properties throughout Toronto and its vicinity. With a timeless look, plenty of customization options, and low prices, it’s no wonder that more property owners are now using wooden fencing.